Three miniature horses

Miniature Horses

Three miniature horses

As an animal lover, I have always had a thing for horses. However as I have grown older, I have to temper my desires with common sense and accept I have only one life to live. A full sized horse is a responsibility and requires regular exercise. A fall or a kick, even accidental, can be serious especially when you are pushing 60. I have found the best of both worlds in miniature horses. They are every bit a horse but need much less feed and a different form of exercise than their full sized counter parts. And if they step on you, you can almost pick them up and move them aside. By nature they are very sweet and love human companionship as well as their own kind.

Button - a miniature horse

My baby and pride and joy is my little stallion, Button. At 26” inches he is a perfect little horse (perhaps a bit overweight, but so am I) in every respect. I searched quite a while to find a small horse without many of the dwarf characteristics that have occurred as the animals have become smaller in size. Unlike the Shetland sheep, who I believe are naturally small, micro miniature horses (those under 30”) have been bred down in stature and as a consequence suffer from a variety of common maladies as they have become smaller (bad bites, crooked teeth, misshapen limbs etc). He has currently a few female companions and we are hoping the small genes are the ones that get passed on. If so, Munchkin Meadows will be offering a limited number of foals each year to horse enthusiasts that have limited space and or brittle bones. If you liked the full sized version, you will love a mini.

Contact me for updates about impending arrivals – special animals deserve special homes.